Kameeldoring Braai wood for sale (Camelthorn) – 400KG Bulk

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Find the finest selection of Kameeldoring braai wood in Cape Town, available at exceptional prices. Experience hassle-free delivery for your Namibian Camelthorn wood. Stock up now!


  • Kameeldoring Braai wood (Camel Thorn) is Top-Class.
  • Scientifically known as ‘Vachellia or Acacia erioloba’.
  • Ranked as one of South Africa’s top selling woods.
  • Demand for Kameeldoring Braai wood is unmatched.
  • Serves as a great Braai wood to enjoy with loved ones.
  • It’s dry wood that produces tame, bright coloured flames.
  • Burn times of up to an hour depending on the piece size.
  • Very high temperatures exceeding 1100 degrees Celsius.
  • Provides long-lasting coals, perfect for social cooking.
  • Recognized as one of the best Braai woods globally.
  • Seasoned in dry, arid regions with very low rainfall.
  • It grows slow which is the reason for it’s high density.
  • Due to it’s density it can be classified as a ‘Iron wood’.
  • Kameeldoring wood is solid with a density of 936kg per m3.
  • Fumigated before crossing the border to ensure no pests.
  • Legally sourced from Namibia abiding by all forestry laws.
  • Protected and strictly controlled, dead trees are harvested.


  • We obtain all our wood from trusted farms and suppliers.
  • Wood sizes and quality will vary from one batch to another.
  • Mixed sized wood pieces. Pre-packed bags.
  • 20x Large 20KG Bags of Kameeldoring supplied. (400KG)
  • Card, EFT and other payment methods accepted.
  • How many bags do you need? Try our Usage Calculator.
  • Visit our Delivery Page for further information.
  • FREE Stacking service included.


Kameeldoring Braai wood for Sale, in just a few clicks, Stock up now!

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Weight 400 kg

1 review for Kameeldoring Braai wood for sale (Camelthorn) – 400KG Bulk

  1. H. Swanson

    The Free Stacking and cheap delivery, adds great value to the deal. Their 400KG option is literally perfect for us. Love the wood and the company was exceptional. Referred my friend!!

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