Kameeldoring wood for sale (Camel Thorn) – 200KG Bulk

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Discover premium Kameeldoring braai wood for sale at budget-friendly rates, conveniently located in Cape Town. Bulk sales available for Namibian Camel Thorn firewood with Free Stacking.

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  • Kameeldoring (Camel Thorn) is a Premium Braai wood.
  • Scientifically known as ‘Vachellia or Acacia erioloba’.
  • Ranked as one of South Africa’s top selling woods.
  • The demand for Kameeldoring wood is unmatched.
  • Serves as a great Braai wood to enjoy with loved ones.
  • It’s dry wood that produces tame, bright coloured flames.
  • Burn times of up to an hour depending on the piece size.
  • Very high temperatures exceeding 1100 degrees Celsius.
  • Provides long-lasting coals, perfect for social cooking.
  • Recognized as one of the best Braai woods globally.
  • Seasoned in dry, arid regions with very low rainfall.
  • It grows slow which is the reason for it’s high density.
  • Due to it’s density it can be classified as a ‘Iron wood’.
  • Kameeldoring wood is solid with a density of 936kg per m3.
  • Fumigated before crossing the border to ensure no pests.
  • Legally sourced from Namibia abiding by all forestry laws.
  • Protected and strictly controlled, dead trees are harvested.


  • We obtain all our wood from trusted farms and suppliers.
  • Wood sizes and quality will vary from one batch to another.
  • Mixed sized wood pieces. Pre-packed bags.
  • 10x Large 20KG Bags of Kameeldoring supplied. (200KG)
  • Card, EFT and other payment methods accepted.
  • How many bags do you need? Try our Usage Calculator.
  • Visit our Delivery Page for further information.
  • FREE Stacking service included.


Kameeldoring wood for Sale, in just a few clicks, Stock up now!

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Weight 200 kg

1 review for Kameeldoring wood for sale (Camel Thorn) – 200KG Bulk

  1. F. Thomas

    200KG is great if you’re on a budget but still want dry, dense wood. It doesn’t break the bank and gets you an easy 5 to 10 braais!! Go on, try a load.. We were skeptical at first too but Mother City Firewood can definitely be trusted!!!

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