Mopani wood for Sale (Colophospermum) – 10KG Bulk Bag

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Unmatched Mopani wood for sale near you, in Cape Town, with delivery available. 10KG Bags of Mopanie Firewood (Colophospermum) to enjoy. Stock up!


  • Mopani wood for sale (Mopane). Top Quality Firewood.
  • Scientifically known as ‘Colophospermum’ (Mopane Tree)
  • Mopani is a all rounder, popular in Fireplaces or for a Braai.
  • Mopani wood has become an absolute favourite locally.
  • Makes rock solid braai coals that get super hot.
  • Slow heat release when used in the fireplace.
  • Mopani wood is one of the woods with the longest burn time.
  • Often includes nice large pieces to burn.
  • Gives a off a small blue/purple flame.
  • It’s dry with a low moisture content.
  • Mopani retains its heat even long after the fire has died.
  • These trees can live for between 800-2500 years before dying.
  • They often die earlier by natural causes, Lightning or drought.
  • Grows in rocky Namibian mountainous terrains.
  • It is a such a dense hardwood that even termites avoid them.
  • Mopani wood for sale. A weed, and big problem in Namibia.
  • Huge volumes are exported, most used for making Charcoal.
  • Fumigated before crossing the border to ensure no pests.


  • We obtain all our woods from trusted farms and suppliers.
  • Wood sizes and quality will vary from one batch to another.
  • Mixed sized wood pieces are pre-packaged in all bags.
  • Small plastic 10KG Mopani Bags supplied.
  • Card, EFT and other payment methods accepted.
  • How many bags do you need? Try our Usage Calculator.
  • Visit our Delivery Page for further information.
  • FREE Stacking service included.


Mopani wood for Sale in just a few clicks, Stock up now!

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