Smoking Wood Chunks for Sale (Assorted) – Single Boxes

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Enhance your dish with locally grown Smoking Wood Chunks. Perfect for infusing meats with rich, smoky flavors. Order in Cape Town and other regions on request.


  • Fruit, Nut & other trees. Cut to make Smoking Wood Chunks.
  • Primarily dry and seasoned. With  low moisture content.
  • Smoking woods impart a distinct and smoky flavour to meat.
  • The smoke generated infuses a rich aroma. Enhancing its taste.
  • Adds a smoky flavour to meats. Like ribs, brisket, chicken & pork.
  • Can also be used for smoking fish, vegetables, and even cheeses.
  • Smoking helps to preserve food. It acts as a natural preservative.
  • It reduces the need for additional chemicals or preservatives.
  • A versatile cooking method. It allows for slow & even cooking.
  • Smoking makes tender and flavourful dishes.
  • Smoking ensures a nice mild, sweet fruity flavours.
  • Smoking meat is practiced internationally by millions.
  • Smoking Wood boxes weigh 1.5KG’s each. Approx.
  • Each Smoking Wood box consists of 13-15 chunks.
  • Smoking wood chunks are locally made and manufactured.
  • Best Smoking chunks. Available in South Africa.


  • We obtain all Smoking woods from a trusted source.
  • Wood chunk sizes and wood quality may vary at times.
  • Sealed and pre-packed in individual boxes.
  • Smoking Wood boxes supplied and distributed.
  • Card, EFT and other payment methods accepted.
  • Visit our Delivery Page for further information.


Smoking Woods for Sale, in just a few clicks. Stock up now!

Nationwide shipping can be arranged for all Smoking woods.

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Weight 1,5 kg
Wood Type

Apple Wood, Oak Wood, Plum Wood, Peach Wood, Mesquite Wood, Orange Wood, Apricot Wood, Olive Wood, Pecan Wood, Guava Wood, Pear Wood, Macadamia Wood, Litchi Wood, Cherry Wood


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