Soetdoring Firewood for sale (Sweet Thorn) – 18KG Bag

Discover Soetdoring Firewood, a dense South African Hardwood perfect for fireplaces and social fires. Known for it’s high heat, clean burn, and minimal smoke. Order yours now!

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  • Soetdoring Firewood is fantastic for use in Fireplaces.
  • Also known as ‘Vachellia Karroo’ or ‘Acacia Karroo’.
  • Amazing firewood selection for those colder evenings.
  • Classified as a dense South African Hardwood.
  • Soetdoring is related to the Acacia wood family.
  • Found growing across SA, Mozambique and Angola.
  • Highly recommended for its heat and clean burn.
  • Has the ability to reach very high temperatures.
  • An Invasive Specie bordering local farmlands.
  • It’s a well respected SA Hardwood that is very reliable.
  • Often nice large pieces are supplied when packaged.
  • Bright flames with minimal smoke and nearly no odour.
  • Soetdoring is dry with a very low moisture content. (2-4%)
  • Naturally seasoned outside in ultra dry conditions.
  • A wood type also used in the manufacturing of Charcoal.
  • The wood splits easily and does not absorb any moisture.
  • Responsible for Bush encroachment in Grassy farmlands.
  • Detrimental to grass growth, it competes for soil nutrients.
  • Soetdoring is usually fumigated to rid of unwanted pests.
  • Sustainably gathered, harvested and packed by locals.
  • A rare wood type, not as easy to find as common woods.


  • We obtain all our wood from trusted farms and suppliers.
  • Wood sizes and quality will vary from one batch to another.
  • Mixed sized wood piece. Pre-packed bags.
  • Large 18KG Soetdoring Firewood Bags supplied.
  • Card, EFT and other payment methods accepted.
  • How many bags do you need? Try our Usage Calculator.
  • Visit our Delivery Page for further information.
  • FREE Stacking service included.


Soetdoring Hardwood for Sale, in just a few clicks. Stock up now!

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