Wingerd Hout for Sale (Wingerd Stompies) – Bulk Bag

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Wingerd Hout toe koop: Top ranked Grape vine Braai wood. Wingerd Stompies for sale in Cape Town. Ideal for delivery to all estates, guest houses, and homes! Order now!



  • Wingerd Hout is a classic and well-known braai wood.
  • Wingerd Stompies is ‘Grape Vine wood’ or ‘Vitis vinifera’.
  • Ranked within the Top 5 local woods in South Africa.
  • Wingerd hout is found growing in most sunny places.
  • First grew around the seventh and fourth millennia BC.
  • Trees first popped up between the Black Sea and Iran.
  • Has lower water needs than most fruit-bearing plants.
  • After grape harvests this wood is sold as cooking fuel.
  • Regularly in high demand by local South Africans.
  • Many people also use this beauty in Pizza Ovens.
  • Wingerd Stompies makes magnificent coals for a Braai.
  • High density and gets very hard when seasoned.
  • Often used as a social Firewood or ‘Kuier Hout’.
  • Beautiful burn with a respectable burn time.
  • Wingerd Braai Hout sets off wild, fiery hot flames.
  • Delivers tasty, flavoursome meat every time used.
  • Low Moisture content in majority cases.


  • We obtain all our wood from trusted farms and suppliers.
  • Wood sizes and quality will vary from one batch to another.
  • Mixed sized wood pieces. Pre-packed bags.
  • Large 20+ piece Wingerd Hout Bags supplied.
  • Card, EFT and other payment methods accepted.
  • How many bags do you need? Try our Usage Calculator.
  • Visit our Delivery Page for further information.
  • FREE Stacking service included.


Grape Vine wood for Sale. in just a few clicks. Stock up now!


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